Fragoria is a huge free to play browser based fantasy MMORPG based on Russian tales and themes. Step into this vast world, create a character, and set off to experience the many different quests and story lines Fragoria has to offer. Besides adventuring, you can raise pets, ride your mount, seek out powerful bosses, craft items, and so much more. One of the most unique features is that PvP happens all over the world, as well as on special cross nation maps where players from different nations fight against each other. Fight for your country's bragging rights, form a guild of people who share your desires and language, and in short, simply enjoy the game!

Fragoria Key Features

Choose Your Class - The choice is yours – whether a mighty colossus, skillful warrior or tactical fighter – in the world of Fragoria, you determine your path as well as your skills and weapons!

Ride Fantastic Mounts - From antelopes to bears and tigers, choose from a wide variety of mounts in order to travel faster throughout this huge fantasy world. Get the upper hand from horseback!

Never Fight Alone - Breed, tame and train your own pet to accompany and follow you on all your adventures. With the right equipment and training, you will have a strong, steadfast companion at your side at all times!

Forge More Than Your Destiny - Master the art of crafting and forge weapons and armor to better defend yourself or to amass gold and emeralds.

Ever Changing World - Fragoria is constantly changing, offering you new, exciting adventures, items and treasures. New areas and quests are added on a regular basis and wait to be discovered and conquered by you.

Cross-Nation PvP Battles - Fight for your country and carry your flag into the heart of Fragoria. Play against the best and toughest players around in a sensational battle of the nations!