Freestyle 2 Street Basketball is a Free-to-Play Basketball MMO Sport Simulator developed by JC Entertainment. Freestyle got a simple and fun gameplay which keeps you wanting more. Play on five different positions, a lot of different courts and customize your character. Freestyle 2 street basketball, the sequal to Freestyle 1, unveils it's brilliant new features with the sophistication of the orginal series still alive. You can get some cool toys which will accompany you on the court, play to make the victory yours through amazing plays and teamwork until the moment the ball leaves your fingertips. Experience fast paced street ball action, for free!

Freestyle 2 Street Basketball Key Features

Pick Your Position - Will you start at center, the backbone of a team and the heart of the defense. Or perhaps as forward, point guard, or shooting guard? Whatever position you play, you'd best be prepared to handle the responsibilities and pressure!

Create Your Character - Create your all star and customize your appearance. Get some amazing accessories to accompany you courtside and step up your game!

Loads of Courts - Different courts offer both different visuals and a different game experience. Wherever you play, you'd better bring your game, and be ready to hand the distractions and challenges.