Frozen Flame is a survival-themed MMOARPG where the last remaining people struggle to survive in a fantastic world that is slowly freezing over. The fate of the world depends entirely on the players! To survive, you must master the lessons being taught to you by the spirits, and unlock the power of flame and fire! Together with other players and the secrets of fire, you can try to journey beyond the settlement's walls, seek out ancient artifacts, and discover the truth behind this ice-age. Beware - demons lurk in the frozen overworld, the life-stealing cold is ever present, and environmental hazards of all sorts abound. Can you team up with some friends and save your world from the deepening chill before it is too late?

Frozen Flame Key Features

The World Depends On You - The fate of the world in Frozen Flame depends entirely on the actions of the players. Each server has a unique story, tasks that must be performed, and difficulty level. Discover the artifacts and melt the ice!

Create Your Character - Create a unique class of character through a combination of attributes and equipment. Your character's appearance will change depending on your stats, and your hair will grow as you gain experience!

Struggle For Survival - The vast frozen world stretches before you, and every day is a fight for survival. Build a shelter, set up some defenses, and try to stay alive. Make sure you have safe walls to hide behind when nightfall comes...

The Allure Of Flame - Discover magical fire, which you can use to gain new abilities and to craft more powerful weapons. Use your powerful abilities to descend into dangerous depths and destroy the dastardly destruction-delivering demons!