Fruit Warriors is a free to play fruit-themed strategy role-playing game from 37Games with an emphasis on diverse character options and plain old fun! In the game, players will be sent to a beautiful cartoon-style planet and team up with dozens of pretty and cute fruit-shaped characters for a brand new adventure. Players can travel anywhere in a vast fantasy fruit-formed game world!

Fruit Warriors provides numerous ways to build your character or “Hero” into becoming the savior of the universe from the forces of evil, by allowing players a large amount of freedom over the skills and traits they select for their character to use. Different sets of skills allow different strategies to be used when facing the numerous unique and dangerous enemies that await you, who you will face off against in challenging tactical battles. See for yourself just how much fun fruit can be!

Fruit Warriors Key Features

No Class Divisions - There are no class divisions to be found here; you select a male or female hero, and you're off! Only a classless system can offer such a high degree of hero building freedom!

Deep Skill System - Heroes possess active, passive and trait skills, among which active skills, including powerful ultimate skills! Players can only set up to five ultimate skills at the same time. More skills can be unlocked by leveling up the player’s hero, offering more freedom in skill combinations.

Tactical Battles - Take advantage of all of your skills in combat, and use a combination of strategic planning and tactical thinking to overcome your foes!