Furcadia is a fantasy based, free to play roleplaying community, and it is also the longest running MMO in the world. It is a free to play massively multiplayer online social game (MMOSG) in a fantasy realm of adorable anthropomorphic animals and mythical creatures. Players in Furcadia create a fully customizable avatar and may then immediately set about exploring the world, meeting its inhabitants, and unlocking its secrets. The world of Furcadia: The Second Dreaming is created and enriched by players, who use a powerful set of content creation tools to create their own game instances and areas for exploration and roleplaying. Whether you like talking with friends, telling stories and creating roleplay scenarios, or creating content for others to explore and enjoy!.

Furcadia Key Features

Socialize - Players from all over the world can meet and tell stories through roleplay, creating content and having adventures. Furcadia is a social game, with a focus on fun for everyone

Create - Players create instances and game areas known as "Dreams". These Dreams may be tailored for combat, or exploration, or roleplay - the choice is yours! Create your own dreams, explore dreams created by others, and even compete in Dream creation contests!

Customize - Players can select from 11 different avatar types and three genders - male, female, and unspecified - and then further customize their character's appearance, clothing, and more. Be who you want to be!