Galaxy Online 3 is a free to play sci-fi action / strategy game for mobile devices with an emphasis on fighting rival fleets and conquering space. In Galaxy Online 3, you step into the shoes of a Commander of the Galactic Federation. Take charge of a newly colonized planet, build up your outpost, hunt down outlaws, create a mighty armada, and compete with rival Commanders to earn your place among the Federation's High Council! No matter what sort of gameplay you prefer - colony building, space combat, ship customization, and more - you can play Galaxy Online 3 your way. The possibilities are endless!

Galaxy Online 3 Key Features

DIverse Roster of Recruitable Captains - Captains are the heart and soul of every fleet. Each one brings something different to the table. Clever use of their special skills can turn the tide of any battle!

Custom Designed Ships - Want more than the basic layouts? Design your own unique war ships! Find the combinations that work best for you and assemble unstoppable fleets!

Build Killer Fleets - Embark on Missions to hunt down space pirates. Recover secret technology designs and use them build powerful ships of your own!

Defend Your Base and Ravage Resources - Face off against other players in skirmishes for resource outposts, siege battles on enemy colonies, daily league matches, and weekly championship tournaments! In Galaxy Online 3, it really is Player-vs-EVERYTHING!

Bring the Federation to the Next Age - Seize victory on the battlefield. Discover groundbreaking technology. Recruit the galaxy's mightiest heroes. Become the shining beacon of the Galactic Federation and forge its next glorious chapter of history!