Galaxy Online II is a sci-fi browser-based free-to-play online strategy game and a sequel to the original hit success. In the distant future interstellar warlords are waging war in galactic battlegrounds. Requiring fierce tactics and ingenious strategy, players can dominate the galaxy and surround themselves with the most experienced commanders. There are multiple ways to take down your opponents in Galaxy Online II. You can always take the galaxy by brute force! Or you can cripple the player driven economy in the inter-galactic marketplace by cutting off access to a valuable resource. Or you can create your own unique strategies. The path you lead is completely up to you, and the galaxy is there for the taking; will you reign supreme?

Galaxy Online II Key Features

Distinctive Commanders - Every unique commander is distinct, and has a particular set of skills. Skills which they have learned over a very long career...

Conquer Enemies - Invade your rivals and plunder the wealth of their space. To the victor go the spoils!

Explore Instances - Challenging instances demand your best, but can reward you with extremely valuable blueprints.

Design Ships And Fleets - Design your own hulls, and ship by ship, build an entire custom fleet!

Deep Space Dogfighting - Go head to head against your enemies! Out in the blackness of space, only one can hold the field... will it be you?