Galaxy Warfare is a free to play browser grid-based space exploration and combat game. It is simple to play, but difficult to master. Players each control a ship and are free to explore a X,Y based galaxy, with planets, resources and mysteries. Players also engage in combat, form fleets, enhance their ship and systems and fight for control the galaxy!

Humans and Terai have long been at war. Out of the ruin of Earth came the Earth Empire, a force struggling to maintain control of the Galaxy and it's resources. The Terai, a brutal alien race, continue to try to expand their power. Between the two arose the Vile Rogues, a faction of outlaws and outcasts. An ancient civilization known as the Tularians hold the key to unlocking the secret of a great energy source, but which faction will find and control this energy and win the war?

Galaxy Warfare Key Features

Explore The Galaxy - A vast universe awaits. Whether you want to explore and colonize planets or engage in battles, you will have lots of opportunities! Alone or in a fleet, the galaxy is yours.

Top-Notch Community - Galaxy Warfare's community are helpful and eager for new players. If you need help, simply ask.

Space Combat Evolved - Tweak and customize your ship and take the fight to your enemies! Earn fame (or infamy) as you make your enemies into interstellar dust.