Game of Dice is a free to play mobile strategy game where you compete against other players to control cities, collect tolls, and win economic control of the board! Special cards which can be played to turn the tide of the match add an extra layer of unpredictability and excitement, and a well played card can be a game-changer. Players in Game of Dice take control of one of the game's cast of adorable anime characters, each with unique strengths, and compete in the legendary Genius league, where the stakes are high, but the rewards even higher! Will you choose to play as Sharon, the brilliant scientist, or perhaps as Rica, the young, up and coming rock and roll superstar? Will strategy, wit, and the whim of the dice carry you to the top, and enough prize money to last a lifetime?

Game Of Dice Key Features

Change The Stakes - Players in Game of Dice can collect fragments to create special dice, with special abilities.

Characters That Matter - Each character in Game of Dice has unique strengths and weaknesses which suit a particular set of tactics; choose the one who fits your playstyle!

Ace In The Hole - Skill cards that can be played during the course of a game add more tactical depth and diversity; you can use a card to mitigate a weakness.... or exploit one

Many Modes For Every Taste - Players can complete in singles or team matches, in 4 different tournament modes, ranging from Rookie to Grand Slam!