Game of Thrones, formerly known as Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms, is an epic fantasy MMORPG, based on the massive hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones, is coming soon to your browser. Join the battle for Westeros, and pledge allegiance to the Stark, Lannister or Baratheon Houses to conquer your enemies. Will you be a loyal servant and footsoldier to the realm, or will you deceive and betray for your personal gain? Defend your house as a valiant knight or plot clandestine ruses should you choose to protect your own interests. Arm yourself with sophisticated political and combat systems and lead Westeros into a new and glorious age!

Game Of Thrones Key Features

Explore. Fight. Conquer - The world of Westeros awaits, and lies open before you. Explore and unlock its secrets and earn the influence and power you'll need to claim the throne.

Scheme, Backstab, Manipulate - In this world, there are many weapons far deadlier than swords and axes. Manipulation, intrigue, and betrayal are the ultimate tools; wield them well, and you never need fight a single battle!

Choose Your House - Pledge allegiance to Stark, Lannister, or Baratheon, and fight off all enemies. Will you help your house rise to the pinnacle of power... or will you claim it for yourself?