Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is an officially licensed browser-based strategy game set in the world of Westeros, the fantastic land portrayed in George RR Martin's famous Game of Thrones series of novels. You step into the powerful shoes of a lord of Westeros, determined to bring prosperity to the people and peace to the land. Game of Thrones Winter is Coming blends traditional strategy gameplay with roleplaying game elements to immerse you in the world of the hit show and novels. Fortify your holdings, amass a vast kingdom, and recruit and train a powerful army. Winter is Coming, and you'd best be prepared.

Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming Key Features

Experience The Saga - Explore the land of Westeros, meet famous characters from the show, and play your part in the squabbles of the Seven Kingdoms. Perhaps one day you may even claim the Iron Throne!

Amass Your Army - You will need a strong castle to base from and a strong army to protect it, as well as expand your influence. Recruit and train a wide array of troop types and even famous characters from the TV show.

Bring Peace To Westeros - The battles of the Seven Kingdoms have long torn Westeros apart, and the general populace pays the heaviest toll. Can you end their endless bickering and bring stability and peace to the land?