Garbage Garage is a free to play browser based MMO game with an unusual twist; you get to be the owner and operator of a junkyard! Dismantle different types of vehicles, sell the spare parts, and earn play money, which you’ll be able to invest in equipping and expanding your junkyard. Germany’s most popular junkyard owners, the Ludolfs, will teach you the tricks of the trade, so fear not; you're in good hands. You can even challenge friends to an in game arena, and see who the master of junk really is. For an unusual online sim, look no further than Garbage Garage!

Garbage Garage Key Features

Learn From The Best - The junkyard business is way tougher than it looks. You must supply parts of all sorts, from the mundane to the unusual, to customers in short order. You must compete with other junkyards over prices. It can make your head spin! Luckily, Germany's famous Ludolf family, the first family of junk, will teach you the ropes.

Upgrade Your Junkyard - As you sell parts, you'll earn money, which you can put back into tools, upgrades, and expansions. As you grow larger, you will be better able to serve your customers' needs and compete with competitors, which lets you sell more parts, and make more money...

Challenge Your Friends - With your ready supply of parts, it is only natural for you to build your own custom cars! Build your own vehicles, and outfit them as you see fit. Get into the in-game arena, and challenge your friends! Drive and fight your way to victory in arena matches. When the dust and smoke clear, you'll know for certain who is the junkyard champion!