Gears of War 4 is a sci-fi third person shooter video game developed by The Coalition and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One and PC, and it is the fifth installment in the Gears of War franchise. Gears of War 4 takes place 25 years after the Imulsion Countermeasure weapon destroyed all Imulsion on the planet Sera, taking the Locust and the Lambent with them as well, and forcing humanity to adapt new ways for survival. In the aftermath, the reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments estimated that only hundreds of thousands of humans are left on Sera, so they enacted controlling and brutal laws to attempt to prevent the population from declining further. A resistance group named the Outsiders have rebelled against the COG, and you step into their shoes and fight to save mankind!

Gears Of War 4 Key Features

Epic Sci-Fi Adventure - Play through an epic single player campaign to save mankind, and see the story of a diverse cast of characters who will stop at nothing to prevent the COG - and the invading Swarm - from destroying what is left of humanity!

Cool Weapons - From knives to guns to all sorts of things that go boom, you have plenty of tools at your disposal to use to rain death upon your enemies. Nothing succeeds like more firepower!

Multiplayer Action - Compete against players from around the world in matches and be ready; this is no ordinary shooter! You must take cover, perform active reloads, and fire on the go, and you must also know when it's time to drop the gun and go hand to hand; you can charge your opponent to knock them off balance, or go for the throat with your knife!

Immersive World - The gorgeous high definition graphics and Dystopian setting provide an immersive experience like no other; the sci-fi future of Gears of War 4 is quite bleak. Are you strong enough to survive it?