**Gladiatus** is a [Browser](http://www.mmogames.com/browsergames) Based [MMORPG](http://www.mmogames.com/mmorpggames) set in ancient Rome that allows you to take on the role of a Gladiator and battle for the glory of Rome. Gladiatus is a slow-paced, [strategic](http://www.mmogames.com/strategygames) MMORPG that requires very little attention in order to play successfully. As such, it is the perfect game for those of you that like to check [Facebook](http://www.mmogames.com/facebookgames) while you play, or participate in light-hearted Player-versus-Player (PvP) gameplay without the time requirements of a downloadable MMORPG. If you are intrigued by the bloody arena combat of ancient Rome, you need to look no further; train your Gladiator and fight for glory!
## Gladiatus Key Features

Rise Through The Ranks - Fight your way through different arenas and measure yourself against other players. Glory and honor await the victor, and the vanquished shall be forgotten!

Slay All Challengers - Over 100 unique opponents with their own strengths and weaknesses await you on expeditions and in countless dungeons

Master Of Weapons - Over 1000 different items enable you to equip and specialise your character the way you like. Be the oiled loincloth clad gladiator you've always wished to be!

Play Together - Found a guild with your friends and use your combined strength! After all, a team is much stronger than a lone warrior.