Global Assault is a free to play squad based RPG and strategy game from Kongregate, designed for both PC browser and Android and iOS mobile devices. Players take command of a group of units which they then manage and upgrade, travelling around the globe to participate in epic battles. The base of the global protection force, Havoc, have been destroyed by a band of anarchists and rebels known as the Shattered Sun. It falls to the player to take control of Havoc, rebuild their bases, and defeat the rebels! Global Assault puts you in command of an elite team; can you lead them to victory and save the world from the bloodthirsty Shattered Sun?

Global Assault Key Features

Large Community - Global Assault is played by hundreds of thousands of people around the world! Challenge other players to battles, and prove your skill in combat!

Manage Your Units - Recruit and train a powerful team to defeat your enemies and save the Earth! Nothing succeeds like overwhelming firepower!

Diverse World - Fight in epic battles around the world; Global Assault's campaign setting is vast. Travel and conquer!

Upgrade - Players can upgrade units and even fuse them to form more powerful units; there are hundreds of combinations! Can you prove yourself as a leader?

Live Events - Participate in live events and earn special rewards! There's always something new to do for an enterprising warrior!