Global Strike is a plugin-free, free-to-play, fully 3D browser-based shooter inspired by the classic era of FPS gaming. Featuring realistic weaponry, massive environments, multiple frenetic game modes and classic graphics, Global Strike is bringing instant first-person-shooter gameplay to the webpage – no downloads required!

Global Strike is the first non-plugin 3D FPS browser game. Simply by opening a browser, players can immediately experience excellent FPS gaming. The game adopts a self-optimizing 3D engine, bringing a smooth gaming experience to players without worrying about network delay. Moreover, the game also provides multiple combat mode choices for players, such as mutant, solo, team and bomb defuse mode. This new Classic FPS is now available in your browser.

Global Strike Key Features

Boot Camp - For newbies there's a Boot Camp Mode. Players can practice against AI bots to prepare for real matches. The difficulty can be changed and the player will be able to match with opponents with similar abilities in Boot Camp, thus players quickly adapt to the Globe Strike combat rhythm while improving their abilities and lay a solid foundation for success.

This is Your Weapon - There are lots of them, but your weapon is yours to keep. Choosing a suitable weapon will not only boost the players abilities, but also give a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Action, Reaction! - With a fluent frame rate of 60 fps you will be able to act and react as you should. Get your twitch game on!

Can I still play Global Strike?

While the original Global Strike's website finally closed its digital doors in December 2020, clones regularly appear granting players to dive into the action. Or for something more official, the folk who kept Global Strike running offer a "similar" free FPS instead, Battle Teams, though it's only for players in China.