Glory Wars is a free to play, browser based fantasy MMORPG with an emphasis on high adventure. Let your adventures begin! Enter the world of Enduria as a warrior, archer, or mage! Glory Wars is a free fantasy role-playing game in which thousands of players battle one another to become sovereign. Join in and fight epic battles and undertake heroic quests. Explore lost locations and seek out forgotten treasures. Face off against fearsome monsters. And do all of it, for free, from your browser! No downloads, contracts, or subscriptions required; just fun!

Glory Wars Key Features

Seek Your Fortune - Earn gold from missions and assaults (PvP), fight as a mercenary for other players! You can fight your own battle, or fight someone else's.

Follow Your Destiny - Develop your character! Invest in equipment, training, and even your own home! You can be exactly who you want to be.

Lead The Charge - Wage wars and lead your cohort into battle for rulership of towns, and cities! The victors claim the spoils; the losers feed the worms!