Goal Line Blitz is a browser MMO in the style of American football. Players can create their own characters and play one another to take home the championship trophy. Do you love fantasy football? Ever wished you could play with the pros? Join other football fans from around the world in building the player and team of your dreams, right here. Create a team from the ground up; you can create a player, you can simulate a game, and you can even manage your entire team.

Goal Line Blitz Key Features

Player Management - Create and name a custom player, at any position on the football field. Train your player from the ground up to be the type of player you want. Gain experience from playing games to improve your player's abilities. Sign with teams from around the world and negotiate your contract. You can even create custom signature equipment!

Team Ownership Mode - Manage every aspect of a football team. Set ticket and concession prices, and use your income to improve your stadium with new seats, sections, and amenities. Sign, cut, and trade players, set game-by-game strategy, and play to win the league championship!

Game Simulation - Custom, advanced game simulation engine. Watch your strategies played out in real time, pause the action at any point, and decide what your team does next. You can review past games, research upcoming opponents, and more!