Goblin Keeper is a multiplayer strategy game bursting with competitive rivalry. You slip into the role of a bad tempered overlord, who seeks nothing less than world domination. To achieve this most modest of goals, you will need an entire army of goblins, orcs, ogres and other unsavoury creatures. Cleverly order these underlings to build your small kingdom up step by step into a powerful empire. Of course, no one works for free… minions will want food, shelter, and small sums of gold come every pay day!

Every evil overlord needs a one or two dungeons to be content. However, with the majority of the dungeon building industry imprisoned for cutting too many corners, you must take charge and build up a suitable home base yourself. Build your home base up and usher your little helpers into building taverns, vaults and training rooms. You will also need mines to mine available resources. These resources can be sold on the black market or used to craft supplies and furniture that can increase dungeon efficiency. But don't forget to protect your empire from unscrupulous looters.

Many an overlord will choose the path of technological progress, as technology in Goblin Keeper is a powerful instrument: it can provide you with more minions, additional space and the ability to summon powerful new creatures. Your warlocks will spend their days in the library researching. Never underestimate the importance of the right technology at the right time. It can mean the difference between utter defeat and total domination.

Of course, not all minions are cut out for research and technology. Some are born and bred for the single purpose of smashing puny weaklings. Overlords can send their armies out to raid and pillage tiny defenceless villages or powerful military fortresses. The bravest of rulers may even attack other overlords for supplies, minerals, gold, or just for the sheer fun of destruction. But beware: what may have seemed like a simple raid on a weak dungeon may turn into an all-out war!

Along your path to world domination, you will find allies to join you in striking down enemies. Together you will tame fearsome balrogs and restless spirits to unleash upon your nemeses. You will even traverse enormous continents, combating scores of other hopeful overlords as you go. The road may be long, and the dangers may be great, but the reward is well worth it… the title of greatest Goblin Keeper of all time!