God of War is a fantasy action-adventure role playing game which takes Kratos to strange new lands; the frozen Migration Era north. Developed by Santa Monica Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment, it is the eighth game in the God of War franchise. This time, however, the setting and themes are based on Norse mythology, not that of Ancient Greece. Kratos has experienced some major changes over the years. For starters, he now has a son who he is both mentor to and protector of. In addition, he has given up his signature chained blades for a mighty battle axe, and must find a way to master the rage that has driven him for many years.

God Of War Key Features

New Time, New Place - Set in the pre-Viking era known as the Migration Period, God of War takes place in a time of magic and mystery. Here, legendary gods and heroes regularly interact with humans and their affairs.

Rebirth Of An Epic - See Kratos in a new setting, with a second chance; he has moved north and started over. However, just because he longs for a more peaceful life does not mean there will be no conflict!

Exciting Action - The God of War series is known for its brutal, hack and slash combat, and this installment is no exception. Kratos' mighty axe can be swung or thrown, delivering blows and carnage that will please longtime fans!