God Wars is a free to play, browser-based Western fantasy MMORPG from R2Games where players must recruit heroes of different races to fight with them and eliminate invading demons. The game features customizable characters, and has a strong emphasis on social and guild activities as players traverse dungeons, take on challenging boss battles, challenge the leaderboards, or just hang out in town showing off their gear. God Wars offers a refreshing combat experience, realistic areas, and real-time skill selection. Players can even build a city! Through improvements to buildings in their city, they will also increase their own abilities, making it easier to eliminate the invading demons and bring peace to the world!

God Wars Key Features

Heroic Heroes - Players can recruit different heroes in the game. Each hero has their own attributes and battle role. Some races are better at fighting against other races, so in PVP the heroes you choose and the position you deploy them in is very important.

Build Your Own City - While the player has to stop the invading demons, they will also need to build a stronghold. This city building system is at the center of God Wars. Through building a city, players will gain powerful attribute bonuses to help them destroy the demon hordes.

Social Emphasis - God Wars emphasizes the importance of working together. Teams of players will traverse dungeons, overcome the most difficult bosses, and simply enjoy much more success than they would fighting alone.