The Godlike is a free to play dark fantasy hybrid of RTS and MOBA which takes place in the dark, cold, and unforgiving land of Aerd, a land where demons prey on the unwary, where the names of the unfit are quickly forgotten. In The Godlike, the players assume the role of one of the vain gods, vain gods who control champions to fight for their amusement and to further their aims. However, in The Godlike, your champion does not have to fight alone; they will always have an army at their side, an army which is the key to securing victory and seeing your champion crush the opposition beneath the heel of their boot. These squads of soldiers shore up your weaknesses and add a strategy element to the game that is not present in many other MOBAs. Can you lead your forces to victory and glory?

The Godlike Game Features

Deep Tactical Gameplay - In The Godlike, mastering the skills of your Champion is as important as selecting the right squads to support them in a battle; these soldiers are key to victory! Your character will assume the classic MOBA roles of tank, healer, or damage dealer, meaning that your troops must fill in the gaps!

Truly Free To Play - Almost everything in The Godlike can be acquired by spending the in-game currency earned through normal gameplay and battles; you don't need to spend a cent to try out different tactics, characters, and combinations. You can use special resources to permanently purchase new characters and train new skills if you so desire.

Designed With An Eye To E-Sports - Everything in The Godlike is designed to appeal to e-sports fans; are you elite enough to climb through the ranks and claim your place among the best?