Gods and Idols is a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS) game with an unusual premise; you are a deity, newly ascended to godhood! You must carve out a place for yourself among the stars, but doing so will not be easy; other gods wish to do the same, at any cost. The universe is open and dynamic, and you have the power to manipulate it! Command the forces of the cosmos, such as radiation and gravity. Make alliances with other gods and work together toward common ends. Gain a mass following of worshipers, who will eagerly do your bidding.

You are one of the immortals, those with the power to create and destroy. You were once human, but now you have ascended. You have become a divinity who seeks power through worship, seeking to guide your faithful in this darkness from the dangers of all sides. Create wonderlands for your followers, and they will carry your name and legacy through the stars. Destroy your enemies; rain meteors down on their planets, extinguish their stars, bombard them with radiation; you must destroy to create. There is no limit to what you may achieve; after all, you're a god!

Gods And Idols Key Features

Cosmic Power - Create entire star systems from nothingness; craft planets and moons, and watch them grow and thrive. Of course, you can destroy them just as easily, should your whims turn sour.

Develop Your Worlds - Guide your planets and their people to greatness. Build cities, lead great warfleets, and help their economy grow and thrive. Your faithful deserve to be richly rewarded.

Crush Your Foes - Construct powerful temples to strengthen your position. Guide your people's fleets into battles. Sweep aside all who stand before you, whether those foes be other players or deep-space monsters!