Gods of Rome is an epic action-packed fighting game set against the backdrop of the ancient world where you become a powerful summoner, tasked with saving the world. Summon and command heroes and gods, and fight to restore peace and hope; if you cannot do it, who can? A pantheon of champions and deities awaits! Choose your favorites, guide and train them to unprecedented new heights of skill and power. Play through an epic storyline full of battles and tales of valor. Complete daily challenges for mystical rewards and further glory. Enter the PvP arena and prove your mettle! If you enjoy mythology based fighting games, or fighters in general, then perhaps you should answer the call of the Gods of Rome!

Gods Of Rome Key Features

Summon The Greatest Warriors - You are one of the Ascenders, a powerful summoner of ancient legend. You have the power to summon, heroes and monsters and even the gods themselves! From Spartacus the Gladiator to Zeus himself, you are in command.

Fight To Save The World - The demon Tenebrous has plunged the land into darkness, and only an Ascender can stop him. Travel from Mount Olympus to Pompeii to the Colosseum itself, and overcome all manner of demonic foes.

Enter The Arena - Once you have mastered your champion, why not try the ultimate challenge; enter the PvP arena and crush all who oppose you! You can win special rewards, upgrade your pantheon with new abilities and moves, and become the top-ranking Ascender!