Gods Origin Online is an original free to play, browser-based fantasy MMORPG set in a world of powerful magic and an age-old war. Players experience the game as human summoners that bring the Deities of Astral Realm back in time, before Ragnarok took place, in order to save them. A world of adventure and activities await! Explore dark dungeons, compete in the arena, meditate, and much much more. As you grow in strength and power, you will be able to face off against greater and greater challenges, upgrade your skills and gear, and explore further into the unknown. Now the fate of the world is in your hands! Will you fight to save the gods, or to destroy them?

Gods Origin Online Key Features

Choose Your Class - Players can take their pick of one of two potent professions. You can play a Magician, and overcome foes with magic and guile. Or, play as a warrior, and cut your foes down with strength and steel!

Lots To Do - There is so much to do in Gods Origin Online! The activities awaiting you include Blitz Plot/Fate, EXP Dungeon, Daily Activities, Adventure Encounters, Meditation, Guild Wars, Quiz, Party Fights, World Boss, Cycle Quest, Raiding in Trade, Arena, and more!

Grow And Thrive - You can upgrade your skills via divination, your weapons via the blacksmith, and so on. You can also discover potent familiars who give you even more powers and abilities!