Golden Rush is a fantasy MOBA for four teams, who have one and only one goal in mind: money! Slay monsters and steal their gold, or become invisible and steal their gold, and be prepared to defend against the exact same treatment; it's all about the gold. The combat in Golden Rush is always dynamic and unpredictable, because with four teams all competing for the prize, anything can happen in an instant! In Gold Rush, it's a knock down, drag-out fight from start to finish, and to the victor go the spoils!

Golden Rush Key Features

Grow In Power And Skill - Choose one of six classes and level your way up as you pummel your opponents; will you be a cunning, seductive witch, or a fearsome, mighty barbarian?

A New Spin - Golden Rush promises unique tactics and a MOBA experience that is different and fun

Put Your Plunder To Work For You - Construct unique sets of armor from the artifacts taken from vanquished foes!

An Active Community - Take part in activities such as ranked battles and monthly tournaments, and make your mark

Live The Epic - Turn into a bone dragon and toss your enemies around like playthings. Leave no one standing!