Goliath, an action - adventure survival game with RPG elements, offers players a brand new spin on survival games; instead of collecting sticks to build a fire and rocks to throw at animals, players must salvage parts and plans to use in the construction of giant robots! Players have traveled through a mysterious portal into a dangerous, far away sci-fi realm, and they face long odds; warring factions are fighting over control of this land, and the players must be prepared to fight. In Goliath, players construct a gigantic robot and use it to bring peace and order to the land; will you side with one of the factions, or simply charge headlong at all of them? Adapt. Overcome. Crush.

Goliath Key Features

Forge Your War Machine - With dozens of different robots, weapons, and upgrades, you can research and construct exactly the type of gigantic robot you've always dreamed of building!

Many Game Modes - Play alone or with - or against - friends, in versatile game modes ranging from co-op campaigns to a competitive battle arena

Build Giant Robots, Fight Giant Monsters - Run around in diverse environments in a gigantic robot made of scrap metal, fighting giant monsters; what more needs to be said? In Goliath, the focus is on fun, not counting units of food or sticks required to build a board.