Granado Espada is a Korean Renaissance fantasy MMORPG which takes place on a newly discovered continent based on the Americas during the Age of Exploration. The world is divided into different maps and grouped into themed regions such as forests, tropical jungles, plains, swamps, deserts and ice fields. Set in a unexplored world with an incredibly unique style, players can progress through their stories, hire individuals and experience one of the greatest online games ever conceived. Take control of your characters - a team of three! - and set out for adventure, excitement, and glory!

Granado Espada Key Features

Multiple Character Control - The unique Multiple Character Control system allows a player to control a whole party of characters at once. Up to three characters can be selected to be part of a team in the Barracks Mode or Quarters. Any member of the party can be selected to be part of a team, regardless of differences in levels or classes.

Areas And Quests - Explore multi level dungeons, which each level offering greater challenges than the last. From boxes and barrels which release a group of monsters to attack the players if destroyed, to forgotten chests full of treasure, dungeons are full of danger - and gold.

Classes, Stances, Levels - Choose from one of five fun classes; Fighter, Musketeer, Wizard, Scout, and Elementalist. Each class has several specializations, known as Stances, which have varying level and equipment dependencies. It should be noted that each stance's level is independent from a character's level. As the character levels a stance they gain skill points that can be used within that stance in addition to increasing the stance's stat bonuses. A stance may have up to five different skills which are unlocked as the stance levels up. Additional generic stances may be purchased at the class Master, from Emilia for constellation expert stances, while some are rewarded via quests!

Dueling, PvP, And More - Players are free to challenge one another to duels at anytime. Players can also enter arenas, and fight as a team. Players can even experience Baron mode on Player-kill (PK) servers. Players may freely attack one another, but in doing so, they become "A Baron" and incur some equipment penalties. Barons are not able to speak with NPCs and are treated as monsters by other players; however, being in Baron mode grants access to special areas and quests!