Grand Strategy is an MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) game for Linux, Windows, and Android inspired by strategy board games like RISK. You can play the game casually, at your own pace, and just enjoy good, old-fashioned RTS gameplay. Or, you can jump into the campaign mode, where the game's warring factions battle it out, with the winner being the faction who has the most points when time is up. Establish a capital and defend it with fortifications. Build up a powerful military for offensive and defensive actions. Work together with the other players on your team, and crush the opposing faction! If you like old fashioned strategy games, Grand Strategy is worth a look.

Grand Strategy Key Features

Classic Strategy Gameplay - Like all good strategy games, players must not only defend what they have, they must work on expanding their holdings to gain more resources and advantage! Different factions and frequent updates keep gameplay fresh.

Choose Your Mode - Create a casual game, and play along with friends. In slow play mode, you can play at your own pace; you can even pause your game for a whole weekend! Or play in the MMORTS campaign mode and lead your faction to victory!

Climb The Rankings - You can play casually, simply enjoying the fun of the game. However, if you're a competitive sort, you can also play for rankings, and prove yourself best of the best!