Grav is a buy to play sci-fi survival sandbox where players explore endless procedurally generated alien worlds and fight for control of them. Players in Grav must have the skill and resourcefulness to craft equipment such as weapons and armor from whatever they can scavenge. Players must then use that gear to defend themselves against both the hostile denizens of the worlds they're exploring, but also from other players. Explore the surface of these new worlds or delve into one of hundreds of dungeons, each with its own risks and bounties. Do you have what it takes to survive in this unknown and hostile universe?

NOTE: Grav is still available as of January 2017 both via its dedicated homepage and via Steam, but development has been abandoned.

Grav Game Features

Endless Worlds To Explore - Every planet a player visits is procedurally generated from preset components, mixing terrain types, atmospheres, and more. No two worlds are the same! The worlds are further brought to live by dynamic events, from flowers blooming overnight to a storm of meteors in the sky.

Multiplayer - Play with or against friends; from creating alliances with other players and working together, to killing them and taking their stuff, the game focuses on multiplayer. Beware who you trust!

Extensive Crafting System - Every enemy you face or new area you explore has the potential to drop crafting materials. Players in Grav must use these materials to construct everything in the game, from weapons and armor to the structures their characters live in!