Greed Monger is a free to play crafting focused sandbox MMORPG produced by MMO Interactive, where the player owns the land they're building on. Inspired by the likes of Ultima Online, Greed Monger focuses on a revival of old-school MMORPG standards such as non-instanced player housing, rares dealing, sandbox skill variety and progression and much more. While Greed Monger is free to play, players will be able to purchase parcels of in-game land for $20, which they may build on and develop as they see fit! Explore, build, create... do as you wish; Greed Monger is a true open-ended sandbox!

Greed Monger Key Features

Start With Nothing - On launch day, Greed Monger provides a world devoid of everything save land, animals, monsters, and resources. From this point on, it is entirely up to the players to build and create! Every finished item in Greed Monger is player created.

Non-Instanced Player Housing - Build your own home, decorate it as you see fit, and fill it with trophies from your adventures. The larger a plot of land you own, the larger a house you can construct!

PvE and PvP Combat - Players can fight against the environment or one another; Greed Monger brings back open world PvP and boundless, exploration driven PvE.

Community Focus - Players will actually interact in Greed Monger; chat will be displayed in above head chat bubbles only, there is no mapwide chat. All item sales will also be conducted face to face.