Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game in which players are thrust into the dark, war-torn fantasy world of Cairn where a once proud empire has been brought to ruin by war, and the human race driven to the edge of extinction. The cataclysmic war has not only decimated human civilization, but is warping the very fabric of reality and, in its wake, giving life to new horrors. Small enclaves of human survivors exist scattered throughout the world, holed up in hidden refuges. These humans have quietly watched the warring invaders destroy one another and have become wise to the strengths and vulnerabilities of their otherworldly foes.

A few survivors have begun to exhibit strange new abilities after surviving possession or exposure to the warp. These unnatural powers are feared by some but give many new hope of launching a resistance to fight the "outsiders" and reclaim what is left of their world. You are one such individual. Blessed, or perhaps cursed, by the touch of Aetherial influence, you have powers and strength beyond that of normal men. It is now up to you to take this fearsome potential and use it against the enemies of humanity. Will you be the one to save Cairn from its grim fate? Or is humanity doomed to extinction?

Grim Dawn Key Features

Dual Class System - Combine any of six distinct skill classes to create your own customized playstyle. Advance your class mastery to unlock over 26 powerful skills and synergistic modifiers per class. Further customize your character with devotion points, which are earned by discovering and restoring ruined shrines scattered around the world.

Choice and Consequence - You have the power to shape the world and affect the fate of many. Tough decisions will leave significant impact as strangers on the road, families in need and even entire villages may live or perish based on your actions.

Challenge and Rogue-like Dungeons - Test your mettle in forgotten places full of higher level enemies and devious traps. Grim Dawn’s rogue-like dungeons are the pinnacle of challenge with brutal difficulty, entrances that lock behind you and no way to teleport out. You must either survive to the end or perish within.

Realistic World - From destructible environments to dynamic weather, the world of Grim Dawn lives and breathes. You will see the world change around you; you can even help shape it.

Play Together - Multiplayer allows you to connect with old friends or make new enemies in co-op and pvp modes.

Recipe-Based Crafting - Collect recipes from enemies, chests or quest rewards and add them to your crafting compendium. Rare recipes can call for exotic items found in the remote corners of the world. Higher tier recipes can use lower tier crafted items as ingredients, resulting in a pyramidal build up to the most uber crafted accessories.