Grimlands is a free-to-play shooter MMO set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, 20 years after earthquakes laid waste to the Earth. Players must now fight for their very survival as marauders, psychopaths, mutants, and more roam the streets, preying on whatever - and whoever - they can.

Grimlands Key Features

  • Exciting mix of third-person shooter and MMO

  • Keyword sandbox: You can explore the massive world right from the beginning and you follow your own path.

  • Flexible skill system: Only skills that the character actually uses level up.

  • Comprehensive crafting system: Diverse setting opportunities allow the creation of unique weapons, ammunition, and modifications.

  • Player controlled economy: Only players can create the best items which can then be traded directly with other players or in the auction house. Demand determines the price.

  • PvP: Open PvP battles in which everyone fights each other or conquers certain objectives with their clan in order to secure bonuses.

  • Clan system: Players join together in clans. Numerous clans can band together to form an alliance. Clans can level up in order to unlock certain advantages.

  • Numerous dungeons that can be explored with quickly found fellow players thanks to the intuitive Looking For Group tool.

NOTE: Development of Grimlands has been cancelled.