Grimm: Dark Legacy is an MMO fantasy and action game, set in the universe of the hit TV series Grimm, but hundreds of years before the events in the show. Step into the shoes of a Grimm, a monster hunter and guardian who is charged with maintaining the precious, tenuous balance between humanity and the mythological creatures that share our world. Armed with your wits and an array of deadly weapons, Grimm: Dark Legacy places you face to face with terrible monsters and mysterious beings inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm. Enter the world of Grimm: Dark Legacy and stand fast against the horrors and darkness... if you have the strength.

Grimm: Dark Legacy Key Features

Dark Fantasy Action - Wield numerous sorts of medieval and fantasy weapons against the forces of darkness! Utilize all of your skills and powers as well as you can; the forces of darkness will stop at nothing to destroy you!

Offline Single Player - If you enjoy a roguelike style of game, you can go full rogue by playing in single player mode, offline! It's just you and the world.

Team Up With Other Grimms - Players in Grimm: Dark Legacy can team up with other Grimms and explore this dark and mysterious world. Stand together against the Wesen horde and protect the world from darkness!

Fantastic World - The world is based on the tales of the Brothers Grimm, and on the popular TV series Grimm; a world full of secrets, and wonders... and madness-inducing horrors.