Grimmwood, previously known as Grimm Forest, is a dark fantasy social game which seamlessly blends elements of survival, roguelike and exploration games into a thrilling, engaging whole. You are a resident of a small village in the middle of a mystical forest, but life in this magical place is no fairy tale; at least, not one of the fun, cute ones. Every night, merciless monsters emerge from the forest and unleash their wrath on the village and its inhabitants! If you hope to save your hole, you and your fellow villagers must fight them off, standing fast night after night. Up to 30 players can team up to defend a persistent village, using the daylight to gather resources and build defenses, and preparing for the coming night...

Grimmwood Key Features

Ongoing Social Experience - You and a bunch of strangers must form a strong fellowship if you wish to survive, and communication is key. You can also vote deadbeet players out, or even try to sabotage things if you dare.

Huge World - A vast world, 600 tiles in size, awaits. In this forest you can find resources to build defenses and weapons, as well as more eldritch items and locations, such as magical herbs or mystical artifacts. Beware; things lurk in the dark places!

Asynchronous Multiplayer - You can freely log in at any time during the real-time 24-hour day cycle to gear up with your fellow villagers and fortify the defenses; play when you can, but don't be too distant, lest you be expelled from the village.

Actions Have Consequences - Every action you take has a stamina cost, and you must monitor your physical and mental health at all costs; death is permanent in Grimmwood!