GRIP: Combat Racing, also known simply as GRIP, is an intense combat racing game that lets players battle it out in insane battle vehicles at even more insane speeds! GRIP allows players to not only race at insane speeds, but to defy gravity itself by driving on walls, ceilings, and anywhere in between. Choose your vehicle, fire up the engine, and head out to the course. Use an arsenal of powerful weapons to scatter your opponents' wreckage across the track. Perform stunts that defy physics and leave your adversaries in the dust. Have more fun than you ever thought possible, at speeds that will make your head spin! If you're a fan of intense vehicle combat games reminiscent of Descent or Twisted Metal, give GRIP a try.

GRIP: Combat Racing Key Features

Choose Your Ride - Get behind the wheel of 9 different battle-ready rides and then make it your own. Customize your paint job, wheels, rims, and more, and put the pedal to the metal. Use a bunch of weapons and power ups to reduce your enemies to scrap metal!

Loads Of Modes - A wide variety of different game modes give you plenty to do. Classic Race, Ultimate Race (overall points), Elimination, Time Trial, Arena (Deathmatch) & Carkour modes await!

Alone Or With Friends - If you like to race solo, you can do so. If you like to go head to head against others, hey - you can do that too! Play single player (against AI), Split-screen with a friend or online versus players all over the world!