Gronenland is a free to play browser MMORPG set in the world of the Vikings. Gronenland immerses players in a world of myths, legends and mysterious powers, a world where they can be a respected warrior or become the strongest of all the Vikings. Will you be an explorer, a tradesman, or a conqueror? Journey to distant Viking villages and kingdoms, and face members of rival clans in fearsome battles. Customize your character and train the skills and abilities which are the most important to your playstyle and goals. Gronenland offers players a chance to pillage and plunder, explore and overcome, in a world where legends are forged by people just like you!

Gronenland Game Features

Customize Your Viking - Train your skills and abilities to suit your playstyle and overcome tougher challenges. Will you focus on strength, or precision, or wisdom? Learning skills unlocks new more advanced skills, allowing characters to tailor their Viking to their liking!

Arms And Armor - Specialize in axes, swords, and shields, and earn - or buy - better gear as you adventure and quest. Better armor will help you survive more dangerous quests and fearsome opponents, and items like potions and gems always come in handy!

Explore, Wander, Quest, Fight - Travel from village to village to find quests, seek out battles, and earn fame, glory, and fortune. Face off against other players in PvP in the village arena, and cement your legacy.