Grub Guardian is a free to play mobile game for Android and iOS which ties directly into a player's Wizard 101 account, and which enables the player to train their Wizard 101 pet whenever they wish, from anywhere, on their mobile device! Logging into Grub Guardian allows you to unlock new maps for play in Wizard 101, as well as train your Wizard 101 pets for experience points. Defend your grub against a horde of dangerous enemies, and in addition to experience, players can earn free Wizard 101 game codes. It allows you to enjoy Wizard 101 fun, anywhere, and anytime! Note: Players are not able to connect to both their Wizard 101 and their Grub Guardian accounts at the same time.

Grub Guardian Key Features

Lots of Levels - Grub Guardian offers 28 different free maps to play in, ranging from Easy to Wondra in difficulty

Many Pets - Every pet has its own strengths and weaknesses; can your pet overcome the challenges they will face?

Strategy Required - New enemies and levels will demand new approaches to overcome them. Your pet's advancement depends on your quick thinking and sound tactics!

Earn Medals - Players can earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals for skillfully overcoming challenges!

Premium Shop - Players may unlock extra levels or purchase premium in game items if they so choose.