Guardians of Divinity or G.O.D. is a free to play sci-fi MMOARPG which immerses the players in a massive war that spans Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian mythologies, a war which goes far beyond the mortal realm and into the celestial, a war in which human beings and demigods dare to challenge the absolute rule of the gods. In Guardians of Divinity, players will encounter Athena, Anubis, the Monkey King, and other gods from Greece, Egypt and China, and you will interact with and gain power from them. Epic quests will lead you from fighting the mightiest of gods to helping steer the faith of humanity, and even leaving the mortal world to take the fight to the stars and beyond for the final battle against the forces of darkness!

Guardians Of Divinity Key Features

Grow In Power - A god gains power through humanity's worship of them; the more followers they have, and the more devout those followers are, the more powerful the god becomes. Demigods and human beings can also attain immense power, however, if you can convince people to follow and worship you! Challenge the gods at their own game!

Immersive Story - Play inside a mythology spanning world, full of characters, quests, and stories that will draw you in. A god has no bounds!

Step Into The Stars - Players in Guardians of Divinity have access to spaceships, which they may fly into space to fight epic wars. Attack players from other factions, protect your own faction's assets, and carry the fight to the very home of the gods themselves!

Massively Multiplayer - Play with and / or against players from all over the world, even across servers! Guardians of Divinity puts the "Massively Multiplayer' back in the MMO genre!