Guardians of Ashenhold is a free to play browser-based MMORPG with PvE and PvP gameplay, where players take control of heroes struggling to save their broken homeland. Choose your class - Gunslinger, Warrior, or Mage - and set off on a journey of exploration and adventure. Quest alone or with friends. Explore deep dungeons and claim vast wealth. Gain power and prestige in ways you've never imagined. PvP and PvE content is also available, giving players a few different gameplay choices. World PvP can be unlocked at later levels, and guilds can be formed between players to gain access to exclusive features that solo players wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience. Become one of the Guardians of Ashenhold, and save the land from darkness.

Guardians Of Ashenhold Key Features

Options For Questing - Questing and grouping can be automated or done manually, the choice is entirely up to the player. Auto-pathing and auto-grouping systems make it easy to work your way through levels.

Explore Deep Dungeons - Venture into dungeons alone or with other players, but keep in mind that time is of the essence. Dungeons are on timers, so make best use of the time you have once inside!

Choose Your Role - Warriors are close range damage dealers. Gunslingers rain precise damage on enemies from afar. Mages control the flow of battle and deal heavy area damage. Which path will you take?

PVP Fun For Everyone - World PvP can be unlocked at later levels for players who love a challenge. Of course, if you prefer PVE gameplay, you're free to do so; PvP is never mandatory.