GunBound is an action packed free to play, turn-based, room to room online artillery game similar to Worms, seeing players divide into two teams and take turns firing at each other in a 2D arena. The turn-based artillery shares features of two-dimensional games and ballistics-simulation games. Players fire on one another using different types of vehicles called Mobiles. Each Mobile has three unique weapons, labeled "1", "2", and "SS" (Special Shot). Factors like terrain, wind, and elemental phenomena force players to continuously change their aim and trajectory power setting while rethinking their strategy at the same time. Can you overcome your enemies and blow them to bits?

GunBound Key Features

Many Mobiles - With more than 20 different types of mobiles, each one falling into different classifications, you can easily tailor your offense or defense to the situation at hand. Every Mobile falls under one of three different defense categories: Mechanical, Shielded, and Bionic, and one of four different attack categories: Laser, Explosion, Impact, and Electrical.

Delay System - The game has a "delay" turn system which is influenced by the Mobile, the weapon and/or item a player uses, to help keep gameplay fast. Using items or taking time with actions results in a longer wait before the player's next turn.

Diverse Game Modes - Whether you choose to play solo or with or against others, there's lots to do. Enjoy a solo game, play a fast paced Powerball match, or grind your opponents down in Score. All that matters is to blow stuff up good!