Gunrox is a free to play multiplayer browser based online strategy game, where you control a squad of soldiers and battle with other players from around the world in turn-based combat. In Gunrox, the main objective is to outwit your opponent with your own squad of three units against other players from around the world. Duke it out in vibrant locales, ranging from junkyards to city streets, each with its own unique colorful landscapes. With so much to offer, Gunrox is a unique experience that may get you addicted in the good kind of way!

NOTE: The website for the game is still up as of April 2018, but the latest announcement posts on the site are from 2016. The game appears to be abandoned.

Gunrox Key Features

Loads Of Guns - There are over 30 weapons available in Gunrox. These can range from tried and true assault rifles, to close-range weapons like powerful shotguns, to seven other weapon types for you to try out! Perhaps you will find an artifact that buffs your weapon with poison damage?

Improve And Overcome - Your units slowly grow stronger by getting unique weapon skills and utilizing the perk tree. These are available for each of your units, so it adds a lot of depth to the gameplay. As you level these units up, you gain a numerous amounts of upgrades for your weapons as well.