GUNS UP! is a free to play side-scrolling strategy game for Steam and PlayStation 4 where you must lean an army to overcome your enemy's defenses and destroy their base. Combining tower defense games with elements of base invasion style strategy, GUNS UP! delivers a unique RTS experience. As you fight and defeat your enemies, your army's strength will increase; the more you fight, the better your army will be. Strategic control of the battlefield is critical. Carefully deploy your forces, time your bombing runs and smokescreens well, and make best use of your units' abilities, and victory shall be yours! Now lead your army onto the field to wreak havoc among your enemies!

GUNS UP! Key Features

Real Time Strategy - Send your troops to attack other players' bases, or deploy them to defend your own. Support their operations with well timed support abilities and reinforcements.

Player Vs. Player - Fight in multiplayer battles where attackers are pitted against other player’s defending bases. The victor earns a fistful of loot and rewards!

Defense - Layout, expand, experiment and upgrade your base to create a fine tuned defense against attackers. Successful defends earn rewards even when you’re away.

Offense - Recruit new soldiers and upgrade them to be more effective in battle. Veteran soldiers will gain powerful boosts in combat to be used in offensive or defensive operations.

Alliances - Form a team with other players and fight other alliances for status and rewards. Each season, the top alliances are rewarded with special loot and rewards!