Gwent is an online collectible card game for PC and Xbox One based on the setting and characters of the fantasy game franchise The Witcher. In Gwent, you pick a faction, construct your deck, and then battle friends from all around the world in strategic card-based battles. There are five factions, from the proud Skellige to the mysterious Scoia'tael, and each offers very unique playstyles and tactical possibilities. Whether you choose to play for fun, and experiment with factions and different types of decks, or to enter ranked matches and focus on a few tried and tested strategies, one thing is certain; all of the fantasy, magic, and mystery of The Witcher is in your hands!

Gwent Key Features

Epic Single Player Campaign - Freely roam around and explore the world of The Witcher, and take part in events to learn the game, the lore, and to acquire new cards. New areas and events will be added episodically, to ensure there are always new places to see.

Craft New Cards - You can break down unwanted or redundant cards and use them to construct new ones which better fit with your goals and themes.

Five Factions - The Nilfgaard Empire, the Skellige, the Monsters, the Northern Realms, and Scoia'tael are all represented, and each offers unique strategy and playstyle. Will you master one, or try to learn to use them all?

Outwit And Outfight - Force your opponent to use up their cards first through trickery and tactics; playing smart is just as important as having "the best cards"!

Easy to Learn - While Gwent offers deep and extensive tactical and strategic possibilities, it is a game that is designed to be learned and played in minutes. but mastery is another matter entirely.