Habbo Hotel is a pixel-art 2D browser-based social network and online community aimed at teenagers that allows you to create an avatar within a vast virtual world, make new friends, and decorate your own spaces. Launched in 2000 by Finnish company Sulake, Habbo Hotel boasts millions of users in a browser-based and mobile virtual world. With plenty of official rooms to jump in and chat with others, as well as the ability to create your own Guest Rooms and decorate them to your heart's desires, players can enjoy great opportunities for customization and roleplay. You can even build your own games with some of the available Furniture if you wish to!

Habbo Hotel Key Features

Virtual World - Creature your own avatar, make friends, chat, build rooms, designs and play games and so much more in the virtual worlds of Habbo Hotel.

Make Friends - With millions of active users, Habbo Hotel is a great place for teens to kick back and make new friends.Join in with Groups, the forums, and Roleplaying communities.

Express Yourself - Create your own avatar, build your own rooms, and enter weekly competitions that reward creativity and individuality, from pixel art videos to short stories and even selfies!