Hades' Star is a free to play space empire building strategy game for mobile devices set in a large, persistent, and interconnected universe. Hades' Star offers an experience uniquely tailored for mobile devices and uses a simple and intuitive touch interface. Throughout the game, you will control your Empire's day to day operations, expand to new planets and stars, and interact with other players. Instant loading times allow you to check on your empire any time, from anywhere. The game adapts to your schedule, allowing you to put in as little or as much time as you have available to progress. If you are looking for a casual sci-fi strategy experience for mobile devices, you've found it.

Hades' Star Key Features

Epic Sci-Fi Experience - Explore star systems and planets, set up trade facilities and colonies, and face off against dangerous enemies.

Build An Empire - Colonize planets and grow them from lifeless orbs to hubs of activity and commerce.

Diplomacy Matters - Establish diplomatic relations with other players. From trade agreements to military alliances, diplomacy is key.

Play Together - Work with other players to complete special limited-time objectives. You can even band together with other players to form corporations.

Build And Equip A Fleet - Build combat, mining and trade ships, customize them with parts and modules, and send them to the stars.

Play At Your Pace - Hades' Star is designed with casual gamers in mind who may have limited playtime. No one will steal your stuff while you're offline.