Happy Camelot was a browser-based strategy MMO based on King Arthur's story. Set in medieval times, players can build cities, produce resources, join leagues and take action against their enemies. Meanwhile, discover the story of King Arthur and how he lost his mind over the affair between the Queen and Lancelot. Taking advantage of the King's fragile state, Morgana now controls Camelot, yet all is not lost. Noble kings and knights are standing up to save the kingdom.

Start the game by choosing a lord or lady to reign over your city. New players receive a 7-day newbie protection, though beware, for once the time is over, the protection will expire. This protection period gives the player the opportunity to familiarize themselves with how the game plays and gather resources, required for training your troops, upgrading buildings, and researching technologies.

Happy Camelot Key Features

Heroes - With multiple Heroes to choose from with a range of different stats to affect your gameplay, each Hero is needed for different things. But without one, troops cannot be dispatched to the battlefield.

Technology - Happy Camelot features 41 different technologies, all starting from level 0, which can be researched at the academy to rank up.

Military - The military protects your kingdom! There are 11 different units available, including Swordsman, Archer, Barbarian, and Cannon.