Heavy Gear Assault is a buy-to-play action MMORPG which runs on the Unreal 4 engine, in which players travel to the planet Terra Nova, where they take control of giant fighting robots named Gears. In the sci-fi universe of Heavy Gear Assault, Gear pilots fight for fame and glory in the arena, hoping to cement their legacy and make their fortune. Gain sponsors, customize your Gear, and hire a support staff and technicians to keep your Gear in top fighting trim. Experience the thrill of piloting a five meter high engine of destruction, and prove to the world, to your peers, and to yourself that you are the best of the best. Claim your place at the top - and blow anyone who tries to stop you to bits!

Heavy Gear Assault Game Features

Giant Robots - Step into one of many types of Gears, from the light Recon gears to the heaviest Assault models, and annihilate all competition! Customize your Gear's appearance, along with all of your systems, from weapons to powerplant to electronic warfare modules. Who doesn't love giant robots?

Dynamic Combat - Heavy Gear Assault is all about the fast paced, unpredictable combat; blow your opponent's arm off, pick it up, and beat them with it, melee your opponent or snipe them from range, and master all the different weapons and tactical approaches that the wide array of Gears have to offer!\

Developed With E-Sports In Mind - Players in Heavy Gear Assault can enter tournaments and organized matches for fame and fortune, sponsor other players - or receive sponsors themselves - and even place bounties on poor sports!

Many Modes - With immersive single player and multiplayer modes, lots of different types of Gears, a black market, social channels, and more, Heavy Gear Assault offers something for everyone!