Heavy Metal Machines is a free to play top-down view sci-fi action arena combat game (MOBA) set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of death, explosions, and insane battles fought in souped-up killer vehicles. The apocalypse is over and only the most creative, inventive, and outright tough people remain. Go 4 vs 4, against competitors from all over the world. Customize your car, your character and your armory to make your own personal angel of destruction on four wheels. In this world, boldness is all that counts. Fuel up, gear up, and prepare to burn rubber in the wildest video game ride you've ever taken. Get the bomb, get it to your enemy's base, and blow them to smithereens - just remember, they're fighting to do the exact same thing to you!

Heavy Metal Machines Key Features

Be Insane With Your Friends - Dont take on the madness alone! Experience the insantity of Heavy Metal Machines with all of your friends!

Fill Your Role - Run as an Interceptor, and prevent your enemies from delivering their bomb, or Support, and assist your teammates, or Transporter, and be the one to deliver your team's bomb!

Choose Your Ride - Choose from Stingray, Metal Herald, Wildfire, and more! Fourteen different characters and cars await, with more on the way all the time. What will you drive?

Brawl For It All - Live or die behind the wheel. Teams must work as one to have any hope of winning. Will you pull your weight, or will you be knocked loose, like rust from a fender?