Heliborne is a cross-platform multiplayer helicopter shooter and simulation where players climb into the cockpits of helicopters from all around the world. Take control of helicopters ranging from classic machines from the 1950s, to the heavily armed, high tech gunships of the 21st century. Play with and against friends from all around the world in a variety of multiplayer cooperative and competitive game modes. Heliborne is about more that just shooting at one another; you are a critical part of a dynamic game world. You support ground troops who fortify positions and create supply lines, and without you, their efforts will be for naught!

Heliborne Key Features

Fly More Than 40 Helicopters - From classic machines from the early days of rotary-wing aviation to today's sleek gunboats, a wide range of aircraft await. Load them up with more than 100 different combinations of weapons and take on missions all around the world.

Diverse Locations - Fly across some of the most well known helicopter battlegrounds in the world, including The Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, the Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and many more.

Gameplay For Everyone - There is gameplay for all, from challenging yourself against AI enemies to full on helicopter battles. Test your skills in single player, co-op, and competitive multiplayer for up to 16 players!